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What do I want more than You

O Lord!

What do I want more than You and Your devout service. Only those who are blessed get to serve You. May Your name always be on my tongue. May Your thought always be in my mind. May Your divine virtues illumine my heart.

In every breath, may I breathe Your grace. Whatever I do, may it be done in Your name.

May I only be an instrument. May You alone be the doer, the protector and the annihilator.

I live within the boundaries of the mind, while You are boundless.

To enter into Your realm, I will first have to clean my mind and dissolve my ego. O Divine Ganges of Consciousness! I pray to You to wash away all my filth and make me pure so that I can serve You with selfless devotion.

I surrender to You, my body, speech and thoughts. May Your selfless service remove all my worldly attachments. May the fragrance of Your purity spread through me to the world around.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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