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My Soul Is Suffering

O Master!
My soul is suffering from the
poison of worldliness.

In this world, everything is
transient and ephemeral. Wealth,
relations, life, youth, everything of
the world is temporary. Children,
family… all are uncertain. Nothing
can be relied upon.

Like a drop of water on a lotus leaf,
the mind is also unstable. It has
no steadiness.

But O Embodiment of Compassion!
In Your loving care, there is nothing
uncertain. There is no fear in the
shelter of Your Lotus Feet.

Bowing at Your Lotus Feet I humbly
pray to You, O Merciful Messiah!
Please take me across this painful
ocean of life and death, of ‘I’ and
‘my’, of desires and aversions. Make
my heart turn towards You, and
pine for You alone. O Beloved Lord!
Make me Yours.

O my Guiding Light!
Please illuminate me with the
light of Truth. Please Guide me to
immortality. For You are my fortune
and You alone are my solace. You
are my everything. Please make me
free from sorrows.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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#SadguruWhispers A spiritual life is like a river that passes through fields of the world with compassion & finally merges into the ocean of divine eternity.