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I Kept Running Around all my Life

O Lord!

I kept running around all my life but did not reach anywhere; for the real reaching is, where the need for running ceases.

I accumulated a lot but did not accomplish anything; for real accomplishment is when no desires arise.

A hope would arise, get shattered and another would replace it soon. How can this blind chase end unless the fire of hopes and desires does not get extinguished?

O Lord! I feel blessed, for Your teachings made me realise that life is short and my real work for liberation has not been accomplished. Now, I shall not stop anywhere. Following Your instructions, I will burn away all my flaws.

O Benevolent Guide! Thank You for making me realise that there cannot be a better time than now. May I not lose this opportunity. May I increase my yearning for the Divine so much that the real inner work begins. With Your grace and guidance, may I reach the state of fulfilment in this very life.

Om Peace Peace Peace

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