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I Have Wandered Since

O Master!

I have wandered since eternity. Blinded by
delusion, I determined the nature of reality
either driven by the majority or by the
convincing arguments of the atheists. Even
when the Wise Ones tried to wake me up
from my slumber, I avoided pursuing the
path due to fear of what people would say,
or remained trapped in my doubts.
Even though I was being in the company
of the good, because I did not avoid being
in wrong associations, the company of
the good bore no fruits. I did not realise
that the honour and the dishonour of the
deluded carry no value. For, nothing of
this world can pass through the gates of
death. Little did I know that only the love
and blessings of the Wise could protect
me beyond death.

O my Gracious God! Now, I am in love with
You. Your love shall surely remove my
doubts and confusion. Your magnanimity
will dissolve my pettiness. Your instructions
will bring an end to my sorrows.
O Ocean of Kindness! You have graciously
given me this opportunity to fulfil this
human birth. You have shown me the
glimpses of divinity that has created a deep
yearning for its experience. May I leap at
the chance and gain Your blessings.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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