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Every Morning When The

O Master!

Every morning, when the gates of
darkness open, I see You O Friend!
standing at the portal.
May it be a day of joy or a day of
sorrow, or may it be a day full of
challenges; it is enough for me
that I am connected with You.
Now, I have no worries. Now, I will
be able to face anything gladly.
O Divine Companion! Only when I fall
short of love, I pray to You for peace.
For the one who lacks the riches of
love cannot endure any difficulty.
But when I am connected with
You, I experience a fountain of love
rising in my heart. And then O my
Soul Mate! These times of trials
and tribulations turn into choicest
gifts from You.
O dear Lord! Now, I do not ask for
peace. Bless me with Your love
Let Your love come in the form of
peace or let it come as unrest,
O Divine Lover! Looking at them
may I be able to say I know You,
I know You all.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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