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7 Secrets to Science of Karma

Just as a convict is dragged by the police to different jails, the one stuck in sense pleasures is dragged by karma into different forms of lives.

You can row the boat of your life to the shores of enlightenment if you remain alert and not get carried away by the waves of karma.

The Guru stabilises you in the present not by foretelling the future, but by teaching the laws of karma & the benefits of dharma.

One whose mind remains immersed in the remembrance of the Divine and His seva, does not get caught up in the snare of rising karmas.

Don’t fear your karma. Karma is your creation, your baby. You are more powerful than your karma.

Did you know that your transmigration is because of your will and not a curse of your karma?

Nothing is unfair for those who understand the science of Karma.

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