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The Mirror Exercise

We may be open to receiving advice from another, but we seldom turn to our own self for guidance. The Mirror Exercise is based on the principle that we all have the solutions to our challenges within us; all we need is some self talk, self-love and self-care

The Mirror Exercise holds the potential to give your subconscious mind the positive strokes it needs to accept your drawbacks and work towards overcoming them by changing your beliefs and actions. From criticism and self doubt towards praise and accomplishment, the regular practice of the Mirror exercise puts you in an affirmative frame of mind.

The Mirror Exercise:

  1. Just before going to bed, stand in front of a full length mirror. It is your private time with yourself so make sure you are alone. Start with a few seconds of looking directly into the eyes of the person in the mirror (which is yourself) and find your mirror image looking back at you. Maintain eye contact with yourself throughout the exercise.

  2. Start reflecting on the happenings of the day. All the incidents that are bothering you, affecting you or creating some negativity in you. Just recall them and bring them to the surface of your consciousness.

  3. Address yourself by your name and begin talking to yourself loud and clear. Did you experience any event of conflict or anger or arguments today? Ask yourself what was it that made you lose your temper? Is this strong reaction going to make you and others around you any better? Was it the most appropriate thing you could have done at that moment?

  4. Stand still for a few seconds to really feel the impact of the experience. You will feel as if the one on the other side of the mirror, which is your reflection, has just listened to all of your matters. Do not turn away from the mirror feeling embarrassed or thinking of yourself as bad or the exercise as silly.

  5. Wait for your reflection to answer. Look deep into your reflection. Answers and thoughts will start unfolding. Initially you may get no response, but wait! Just be patient, allow your inner self to open up with comfort.

  6. Soon you will be able to feel your reflection giving answers to you. You will feel as though a friend is there to just listen to you and show you the way. Have a proper chat with yourself. Take guidance for yourself from yourself.

  7. In times of confession, you may feel guilty and you may not be able to face yourself; you might want to just cut off! Don’t do that. Be patient with yourself. Be very loving and comforting towards yourself.

  8. Doing this exercise for a few minutes every day will help increase the strength of your subconscious mind. After regular practice, no matter how adverse the situation may be, your subconscious mind will help you make the right decision and walk on the right path.

As you continue this exercise you will realise that you are understanding, loving and accepting yourself on the deepest level. And that you are obtaining care and guidance right from within yourself!


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