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Gifts of Guru’s Grace

Celebrate the Guru’s effect in your life and strengthen your bond with Him through this powerful introspection exercise

Step 1:

Begin by taking a few minutes in the evening to reflect on the events that occurred in your day. Eating breakfast with your family, giving a presentation at an important meeting, an interaction with co-sevaks or even a walk by yourself.

Step 2:

For each event that you remember as pleasant, recall your level of connection with your Guru at that time. Why did the event seem pleasant? It is because you remembered His guidance and acted as your Guru’s true ambassador, because you remained aware throughout the activity and excelled. Thank Him for His compassion and kindness; acknowledge the blessings He is bestowing upon you.

Step 3:

For each event that you remember as unpleasant or uncomfortable, again recall your connection with your Guru. Why did the event seem unpleasant? You will find that, either you were simply following your emotions or enslaved by passions, or inattentive to how you were responding or caught up in your ego. Thank Him for His forgiveness of your mistakes and support in the hard times; acknowledge the lessons He is teaching you.

Through this practice, everything in your life shines forth as gifts of Guru’s Grace. By viewing each event as His blessing or lesson, you begin to view all experiences in a positive light and as means to develop spiritually, allowing you to see the miracle in every moment.


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