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Look at every event in the floodlight of the Guru's teachings and reprogram your wrong beliefs.

The Enlightenned Guru teaches, touches and turns our focus towards the pure Self.

Living life on the periphery causes stress and strain. Find your inner peace centre.

Choose an environment that fosters your all-around growth. Contribute your peace and positivity to help others grow.

Being in harmony with the Guru is being in harmony with your pure self.

Prayer of a true devotee is only 'Thank you' - no complains nor demands.

The purpose of life is to realise the changeless amid the changes.

The opportunity to meet with an Enlightened Guru is like experiencing Satyug in Kalyug.

Realise that you are just a visitor in this world, why then would you get attached to anything?

#SadguruWhispers A seeker's inner journey begins with love, faith, and surrender to his living Enlightened Master.