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Like a cow is keen to feed her calf, the Guru's selfless love is more eager to nourish the disciple than the disciple's yearning to know the truth.

Here is the season to work for your spiritual welfare. Do not be laid-back about it.

Like a lioness is not scared of a lion, the Self-realised One is not scared of any situation.

Cultivate such goodwill that no one can lure you into doing wrong.

Love God so intensely that it makes you forget your individuality.

Discover your unique gift that can enrich your life and impact others.

Do not neglect your health for wealth. What is the use of being the richest person in the graveyard?

The Guru wakes us, makes us, and takes us to the ultimate spiritual destination.

The dark night of ignorance gets illumined when you keep the flame of Guru-ajna burning in your lamp of Guru-bhakti.

#SadguruWhispers Guru's purity of heart and clarity of thought delivers the essence of the scriptures that effortlessly transform the worthy disciple.