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Before you invite God, clean your heart with earnest & honest introspection.

Distancing is the best way to fool both moha and the virus.

Ayambil is a victory plan against temptations, not a diet plan for weight loss.

The deeper your sadhana, the lesser you are affected by the world.

Every morning you select what clothes to wear. Do you also select the thoughts you think & words you speak?

Water quenches thirst, food appeases hunger and words of Saints eliminate inner darkness & suffering.

Like light is a silent witness to the changing scenes, the Self is to every thought.

Do what the Guru has done within, not what you see Him doing outside.

With the auspicious touch of dharma, manifest your inner prosperity of peace, love and joy.

#SadguruWhispers Like Hanuman, chant the name of the Lord and cross over this worldly ocean.