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Why wait for happiness when you have it in abundance? Just turn within to experience your inner glory.

To keep your mind pure and steady, know what to delete and save from life's experiences.

Information deceives you of being wise. Change your equation: the absence of virtues, is ignorance.

The Guru is your vision card and you become His visiting card when you live soulfully, mindfully and joyfully.

Satsang bears fruit when you begin to apply it in your life.

Gauge your spiritual growth by your inner calm in every situation, not by the hours spent in religious activities.

The intention behind the Guru giving any sadhana is to turn your focus inward.

Humility and simplicity are the antidotes to the poison of ego.

The Enlightened and the ignorant both seek happiness but in different directions.

#SadguruWhispers A disciple living zealously in Guru-ajna becomes worthy of grasping the essence of the scriptures.