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Start with the storm of the mind and end in the full sunshine of your being with the grace of the Guru.

Sadguru is the best doctor who cures aspirants of the worst disease in the world, that is delusion.

For a disciple, showing respect to His Guru is not a 'doing' but a 'happening' response.

Make meditation an adventure to discover the infinite bliss within.

In the desert of samsara, the Guru is like an oasis.

Purpose, passion, perseverance, patience are the virtues that can transform your learning into a skill.

A devotee has nothing to ask from God. Whatever bitter or sweet he gets, he uses them to connect himself strongly with God.

Witnessing is neither thinking nor sensing, but just knowing.

The Guru invites you to discover within, that which is timeless & eternal. Grab your chance to awaken.

#SadguruWhispers Create beautiful feelings from whatever you get in life, don't wait for beautiful things to happen to you.