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One moment with an Enlightened Master is more impactful than years of reading books.

Harness the youth energy by directing their thoughts and actions to a higher purpose.

Loving others includes tolerating their views and ways as well.

Glory to the Enlightened Master, whose words kindle the quest for Self-realisation.

Wherever you go, stay connected to your culture. Even a tree flourishes by nourishing its roots.

Prayer, for a devotee, is a peaceful, blissful, elevating and meaningful conversation with God.

If you want to stay light, invoke the power to let go. Holding on to events, makes you heavy.

The spiritual path is unfamiliar. Following the Sadguru's commands makes it joyous and effortless.

Life is like a game of cards. The choice is not in what you get, but how well you play with whatever you have.

#SadguruWhispers Live for a cause. Without a direction, even a player cannot score for his team.