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Yoga reminds us that a healthy life is a result of disciplined living.

Let your truth be beneficial and pleasant to others.

The Guru like a father, leads by example & inspires by experience. His presence makes one strive for peace & purity.

To take the Master's refuge, is to have love and faith in His words and inner state.

The Guru is alert like the one sitting on the driving seat & relaxed like a back seat passenger, in the witnessing mode.

Set a daily alarm: Today is for self-realisation, not just for completing other commitments.

Incidents are not in your hand, but their interpretations are.

In the world of saints, you are evaluated by your virtues and not by your deeds.

Verification of spiritual joy is - you stop expecting happiness from outside & effortlessly go into the acceptance mode.

#SadguruWhispers Zoom into the Guru's inner state that gives one confidence, hope & inspiration to be like Him.