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In spirituality, don't count the heads. Check what is in those heads. Are their eyes open?

Dharma is related to knowledge blossoming into virtues, not to the collection of information.

To make the journey of inwardness easy, change your beliefs about happiness through Satsang.

Celebrate this Paryushan by nurturing soul-awareness and surrendering the I-ness.

Don't sit back & waste this precious human life. Learn the art of moving ahead on the spiritual path.

Cultivate positive thinking. It keeps you emotionally stable in any condition.

Attend to your attitude - it determines how you observe, interpret, respond and feel in any situation.

By comparing with others, you conclude you are not good. Do not forget you are unique and there is no one like you.

Celebrate Lord Krishna's birth by living in Self-awareness, unswerving devotion and selfless seva.

#SadguruWhispers An attitude of gratitude is an infallible path to peace.