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Mindset of An Ant

5 lessons in correct attitude for living a fulfilled life

How far should one look for inspiration? And how big should the source be? Well, as they say it’s nearer than you think, and, smaller than you can imagine.

The busy little ant that you see scurrying around in your veranda offers valuable life lessons. Jim Rohn, a motivational expert, has developed an ‘Ant Philosophy’ encompassing these lessons.Let’s learn from these little ones.

1) Obstacle-proof mindset: No obstacle ever bogs down ants. Whenever they encounter one, they find a way out! They will find a way over it or around it, and if not create a new way for moving ahead. You will never see an ant sitting depressed at the feet of an obstacle or see it return dejected to its nest because of the obstacle that has cropped up. It will persist till it finds a way out.

Do we have this problem-surmounting attitude in us? Do we have the conviction that there is a solution to every problem? That we just need to find it out? Every problem that we face in life has a solution but due to our lack of faith or conditioning we do not persist enough to find it. We need to believe that no one will make a lock without a key. Similarly, there will be no problems, without solutions.

There is always a way out!

2) Plan for the tough days: We must have heard about the anecdote of the grasshopper and the ant, of how while the grasshopper makes merry in summer, the ant toils to make provisions for a harsh winter. Ants have the foresight to plan for tough times when great times are on. They instinctively realise that while there is plentiful today in summer, there will come winter tomorrow when the climate will be harsh and food will be scarce. So ‘let’s collect food while the sun shines’!

Do we have such a long-term vision? Difficult times will inevitably come. Are we able to proactively plan and work towards building storehouses that will sustain us during these times? Actions like starting savings at an early age or continually developing new skills that will come in handy when the economic environment will change are preparations for winter, done in summer. And most important of all is whole-heartedly embracing spirituality today so that it will sustain us during our tough times of life and during our end moments.

Provide for winter during summer!

3) Have Faith during tough times: While a severe winter is on and the ants are resting in their nests, they have faith that the summer will be back. That like good times, difficult times too shall pass away. And when comes spring, they are back on the ground for new action.

Do we have faith that tough times will definitely give way to good times? We need to weather the storm with the conviction that a sunny day is sure to dawn. This belief will not shorten the tough period, but it will help us pass through as strong individuals without harming our confidence and positivity.

Hang on, good times will be back!

4) Passion, not measurement: You will not find ants working to a fixed target. They do not do a 9 to 5 job with fixed deliverables. They go about collecting all the food that they possibly can! One ant does not compare itself with another in terms of how much more or how little the other is doing. They just go about giving their 100%.

Do we have such an attitude in our lives? Are we wise enough to have competition with no one but one’s own self? Life is a journey of excellence. Of continually improving one’s self and giving every endeavour and relationship all that we have. The winner is one who always gives the higher of the two – what is expected of him and what he thinks is his capacity. If his capacity exceeds expectations he delivers that; without thinking that I can easily scrape through with only what is expected. And if expectations exceed his capacity, he simply raises his level to meet the challenge.

Give to life not in measured doses but in bountiful abundance, and you will see that life has a way of getting back the same way!

Live passionately!

5) Carrying your burdens: Do you know how much weight an ant can carry? An estimated 10 to 50 times of its own weight! They can carry or drag weights which are way out of proportion for their body weight.

Do we at times feel the burdens upon us are too heavy to carry? We need to realise that we possess more capacity than we think. We can shoulder more responsibilities and execute more than our conditioning allows us to. We just need to get in the right attitude.

‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.’ Mahatma Gandhi.

You are stronger than you think!

And you thought ants were nothing but little pests that run around your feet making you dodge around so as not to harm them. Next time around you see an ant, look at it with respect for it teaches us how to live a life of positivity, foresight, faith, passion and strength.


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