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Without You I Cannot

O Master!

Without You I cannot find solace

anywhere in the world. As though

You don’t know this? Then, having

shown the path of love to such a

loveless and despicable one as me,

where have you disappeared?

To experience oneness with You,

O my Beloved Lord! I am ready to

put everything at stake. Just so

You know that I am not going to be

happy with anything other than this.

I have realised that there is no real

happiness anywhere in the world

without You. You are my light and

You alone are my life. Even if I have

to wait till eternity, I am happy in

that too.

O Joy of my heart! With Your will,

let anything happen to this intense

yearning for our communion.

I eagerly await for it with boundless

patience. Day in and day out I only

long to become one with You. I do

not wish to stay apart from you

anymore. Let this ‘I’ dissolve in You,

the infinite Lord of my heart.

Om Peace Peace Peace

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  1. Chaitali S May 10, 2022 at 1:56 pm

    With YOU PUJYA GURUDEVSHRI is my journey of moksh Staycheerful BapaniJ...


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