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Patrank - 166
Mokshna Sarvottam Karanroop Vachanamrut


During the Paryushan of 2020, Pujya Gurudevshri unearthed the depth contained within Patrank 166 from the hallowed Vachanamrutji. The Master awakened a reaffirmation within seekers to set Self-realisation as their primary life goal.

Addressed to Pujyashri Saubhagyabhai, the letter outlines the importance of the Sadguru in every step towards enlightenment. It explains the immense benefit of dropping worldly desires and attaining inner victory by reverence of the Sadguru.

Experience a deep spiritual stirring through these heart-piercing pravachans.


Download Mangalacharan, Pravachan Points, English Summary of Satsangs and Self Study Kit.

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