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Media 1 MP3

Devvandan is a splendid collection of devotional verses compiled by Shri Lalluji Muni. This revered compilation forms an integral part of the daily prayers of Param Krupalu Dev’s disciples across the globe.


Under the auspices of Pujya Gurudevshri, during the year 2012, special shibirs expounding the in-depth meaning of morning and evening Devvandan along with the explanation of the three mantras - 'Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru', 'Atambhavna Bhavta Jiva Lahe Kevaljnan Re' and 'Paramguru Nirgranth Sarvajnadev’, have been conducted in various cities of India and abroad. Devotees were spiritually enriched through the inspiring sessions conducted by swadhyaykars of the Mission.


This MP3 of the shibir on Devvandan in the voice of Swadhyaykar Vanprastha Dr. Piyushbhai Shah along with a booklet for reference, will enable seekers to relish the pearls of wisdom embedded in this magnificent collection time and again.


MP3s of shibirs on many of Param Krupalu Dev’s compositions conducted by swadhyaykars in the past are also available. These include ‘Apurva Avsar’, ‘Hey Prabhu! Hey Prabhu! Shu Kahu’, ‘Kshamapna’,  ‘Chha Padano Patra’ and ‘Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra’.

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