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Media 2 ACDS / 21 Tracks
Duration 128 minutes 12 seconds

With the compassionate aim of the spiritual well-being of all souls, Pujya Gurudevshri has conceived a 5-levelled journey of spiritual progress, corresponding to the 5 stages of progressive development in a tree. Like a vast tree manifests from a tiny seed if the seed is properly sowed, nourished and cared for, an aspirant can attain liberation if he diligently follows spiritual practices as per his Guru's guidance. The 5 spiritual stages are named: Beejam, Ankuram, Parnam, Pushpam and Falam.


Each stage of spiritual evolution comprises a specific pattern of sadhana. To enable seekers to smoothly follow the spiritual discipline for their respective stage, ajnabhakti CDs for Beejam, Ankuram and Parnam stages have been released. The tracks have been sung in the mellow and emotive voices of Atmarpit Harshadbhai and Sarvarpit Meghal Desai. Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah has composed the enchanting music for the audio CDs.

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