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Sadguru Ignites

Language English
Size 4.65 x 6.25 inches

50 Thought-provoking Questions from the Master


Sometimes through an answer,
Sometimes through an action,
Sometimes through a grin,
Sometimes through a gesture,
Sometimes through an instruction,
Sometimes through revealing an insight…


The Master has unique ways to propel a seeker on the spiritual journey, turning his life into a quest.


The glorious occasion of Pujya Gurudevshri’s 56th birth anniversary brought with it a blessing in the form of ‘Sadguru Ignites’ – an English book consisting of 50 intriguing and inspiring questions to aid inner exploration. Asking the right questions sets one on a journey of inquiry that has the potential to change life’s direction. Accompanied by creative illustrations the powerful questions will induce you to reflect and ruminate, to pause and ponder over your thoughts, feelings and actions.


Sadguru Ignites is His invitation to embark on and engineer a transformation. Unburden yourself of ignorance – begin the noble quest of self-inquiry with this book.


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1. Sadguru Ignites
No. of Pages - 64
Hard Cover
₹ 150.00

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