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Sadguru Encourages

Language English
No. of Pages 126

Why does knowledge gained in discourses not bring about an instant metamorphosis?

Why is theoretical comprehension not enough to cause a lasting transformation?

Why is the human life often controlled by moods, emotions and reactive behaviour patterns?


These are questions that plague a sincere seeker. To calm this inner storm and bring about a revolution, the Sadguru Encourages the disciple to experiment with the teachings and experience the results for himself. This encouragement leads to constant experimentation and the experience of an unprecedented shift in beliefs and behaviour.


In Science when someone conducts an experiment, the conclusions drawn from it become universal laws. Others can follow those laws straightaway, they need not conduct the experiment themselves. However, in the Science of Spirituality, every individual needs to undertake the experiment himself because the knowledge of the Self cannot be borrowed.


Commemorating Pujya Gurudevshri’s Golden Jubilee Year, a book aptly titled ‘Sadguru Encourages’ has been launched. Sadguru Encourages encompasses 50 powerful experiments that will lead to the inner blossoming of an aspirant. The book is a call for every seeker to step out of his comfort zone, align to the Sadguru’s vision, explore the unknown and achieve the ultimate goal of liberation.

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