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Patrank – 780

Mumbai, Jeth Sud 8, Tuesday, 1953

Salutations again and again to the Great One who does not have likes, dislikes for anyone

Supreme benefactor, spiritual aspirant, one endowed with virtues such as straightforwardness, Shri Sobhag,

I have received a letter written by brother Trambak today.

A book containing brief meaning of “Atmasiddhi” text and copies of some letters of teachings that were here have been sent today by post. Both have a lot of matter worth contemplating upon by the aspirant.

The body which even supreme yogi like Shri Rushabhdeva and others were unable to retain, that body has one speciality, and that is, while one is associated with it, one should become non-attached and overcome delusion, and realising the nature of the Self as an unobstructed experience, get separated (free) from all other modifications, so that there remains no more transmigration. While leaving that body, the degree to which one remains non-attached, non-deluded and truly equanimous, to that extent one is close to the state of liberation. Such is the conviction of the Supremely Enlightened One.

I beg your forgiveness with all humility and utmost modesty for the offense I may have committed, knowingly or unknowingly, by any act of mind, speech and body.

While in this body, the only thing worth doing is that no liking for anyone or the slightest dislike for anyone remains. May there be a state of equanimity everywhere. This alone is the chief resolve for spiritual welfare. This alone is my recommendation.

Please accept Shri Raichandra’s salutation.


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