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Mumbai, Vaishakh Sud 1, Tuesday, 1952


Its been many days since I received a letter from you, so do write.

The way I could write letters at length earlier, it is not happening in the same way for some time now, mostly due to such destiny.

There is no inclination towards doing, or the One for Whom doing does not exist even for a moment, the One who has detachment for the fruits borne out of doing, if such a Trustworthy One is seen involved in association of possessions etc. due to such destiny, and the way a desirous person engages in worldly matters, puts in efforts, if He is seen doing such activities, then how could one know that, that person has an enlightened state? That is, that person is Trustworthy (for spiritual purpose He is worth keeping faith in), or He is Enlightened, by which characteristic can He be recognised? If ever an aspirant comes to know about it through another person’s satsang, and if he directly perceives a conduct that can create a doubt in the way the Enlightened One has been recognised, to remove such a doubt how should the aspirant recognise that person so that even when He is engaged in such conduct, His characteristic of Enlightenment remains in his focus?

One who is detached towards association of possessions etc. in every way, that is, for whom the sense of I and mine towards such associations does not arise, or has been annihilated; bereft of the intense long lasting type of passion, whose conduct is only in accordance with the manifesting karma, if that Enlightened One sees that, that conduct is becoming a cause of doubt for a mediocre aspirant and a hindrance to his welfare, and for that purpose also desires to put an end to the worldly dealings of association of possessions etc., until this happens, how should that person conduct Himself, so that no harm is caused to the welfare of that mediocre aspirant? Have written the letter very much in brief, but you and Shri Achal must reflect a lot upon this.


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#SadguruWhispers Pause, step back, buy time to reflect and choose your response.