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Patrank – 486

Mumbai, Fagan Sud 11, Sunday 1950

Tirthankardev calls indolence (negligence) as karma, and calls absence of indolence as something other than that, that is, the Self with no karma. Through such distinct characteristics, is (has been described) the nature of the ignorant and the Enlightened One.

(Suyagadaangsutra Virya Adhyayan)

The family in which one is born, and in whose company one resides, there, this ignorant one gets attached. And continues to remain immersed in it.


Those Enlightened Ones who were in the past, and Those Enlightened Ones who will be in the future, They all have called ‘peace’ (that is to get weary of all impure modifications, retire from them) as the support of all religions. Just as earth is the support for every being, meaning, every creature exists because of the earth’s support, it is necessary for them to first have its support, in the same way, the support for all types of welfare, like the earth, is ‘peace’, so has been said by the Enlightened One. (Suyagadaang)


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