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Unlock Your Greatness

Greatness lies dormant within each one of us. Let us bow down to Pujya Gurudevshri’s magnificent life which is a breathing example of greatness and aspire to go the same way

One of the greatest writers of English language, William Shakespeare says in his play the Twelfth Night “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Apply the seven tips given below to unleash the greatness in you.

Have a Sense of Purpose and Vision

Behind everything that you do there has to be a strong reason and a purpose. Great people don’t focus on their individual success alone but have a purpose and vision that is much larger and higher. They want to touch lives and make a difference. Work towards being a pioneer, a trendsetter, a game changer and a far-sighted person who genuinely wants to make the world a better place. Find the deeper reason behind what you want to do. This is where you discover a well of passion, dedication, perseverance and the willingness to do what it takes to follow your purpose and vision.

Live with a Strong Set of Core Values

Your greatness is dependent on your values. These values are subtle motivators that shape your future. It is your values which drive your actions and behavior. Be clear on the values that you stand for as they will make you unique and great. Anyone who has reached greatness is strongly committed to the values upon which his work stands. Your strong values will also ensure that you do not barter your soul in the process of achieving your goals.

Possess a Firm Belief

A steady belief will lead to greatness. Set yourself apart from an average person whose self-limiting beliefs restrict him to thinking small and living in mediocrity. There should be no such thing in your dictionary like a “No, I cannot”. The only barrier to your greatness is yourself – if you fall trap to negativity and create a self-belief of being a run-of-the-mill individual. Master the art of getting up again and again when you fall. Develop within yourself a strong, resilient mind. Rid yourself of each belief that puts you down. Create a friend within you that loves, supports and encourages you.

Have a Positive Self-Identification

Your achieving greatness will largely depend on identifying and seeing your own self as a powerful influence on your future. Stay committed to learning from your past rather than letting it hold you back. Do not allow current downfalls or obstacles to dictate your future. Constantly re-invent yourself, your life, your goals, your dreams. Believe you are destined for greatness. Write a detailed note wherein you vividly mention the level of greatness you want to see yourself achieving.

Learn to Make Effective Decisions

Once you have decided to achieve greatness, it is time to work for it until the very end. Cut off all other possibilities. Failure and distractions cannot be an option for you any longer. Learn to decide on things that help you achieve your goals and dreams. Have a decision-making process that enables healthy, correct decisions in line with your purpose and vision – be it for the big and important decisions in life or the small and mundane ones, but which come together to create a life of greatness.

Focus on Daily Goals and Work Habits

Get into the practice of creating daily goals supported by a concrete action plan and work habits. Success is not a miracle. It comes from several small steps that are taken from time to time with consistent efforts and single-pointed dedication. True success is all about hard work, practice and patience.

Enjoy the Process of Becoming Great

More important than becoming great is the process and the journey you undertake towards your greatness. Defying the odds, overcoming challenges and taking the road less travelled; it’s all a fun journey. Happiness comes from the pursuit of excellence. To become great, you must journey through things most people avoid. Be brave. Do not give in to rejection. Keep striving. And yes, enjoy the journey and not only the destination.

If you think mediocre, you shall remain mediocre. But if you think great, you shall become great! Let us make the most of this beautiful gift called life and strive for and achieve greatness – in the footsteps of our beloved Master.


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