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Today you have given

O Master!

Today You have given me many

comforts and pleasures,

But tomorrow You may take

them away.

Today You have given me good

health and fitness,

But tomorrow my body may

become ill and frail.

Today You have given me sweet


But tomorrow, they may bid me


Today You have given me name,

fame, and wealth,

But tomorrow I may become poor

and insecure or a laughing stock.

Therefore, O Benevolent Lord!

May I never become arrogant and

disregard anyone. May I never take

my loved ones for granted. In the

favourable times may I not start

believing that I am invulnerable.

When all is going well may I not

imagine that it’s all because of my

intelligence and competence and

that I don’t need You anymore.

When nothing is going well may

I never see it as Your curse.

Because You have a purpose

behind all what You do and that is:

I must remember You, come to You

and become One with You.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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