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Please Separate this Ego from Me

O Lord!

Please separate this ego from me. I find it difficult to live with it. It’s a hindrance to me. In the outside, in the inside, with people or with God, everywhere it comes in my way.

The fault is completely mine. It is I alone who has nurtured it. By trying to impress and be respected by others, I was interested in strengthening my ego alone. Even when I spoke of being the servant of God, I always wished He should listen to me and fulfil my desires.

With Your grace, I have realised the foolishness of the ego. I have not just understood the futility of adorning this ego but also the worthlessness of all the ways and means I used to strengthen it. I am aware of my weakness. Therefore, my Guardian Angel! I surrender to You everything that is said and believed to be mine. Please guard my devotion by removing my ego.

O Compassionate One! May in Your shelter I become free from ego and experience my eternal Self.

Om Peace Peace Peace




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