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The Magnum Opus

Six Fundamentals of Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra

The Six Fundamentals

  • 1

    The Soul Exists

    The soul appears the same as the body due to the illusory identification with the body; but both are distinct like a sword and its sheath. It is of the nature of pure consciousness.

  • 2

    The Soul is Eternal

    Knowledge of the birth and death of the body cannot arise unless the entity experiencing the knowledge is different from the object. Nothing can create or destroy the soul; thus, it is eternal.

  • 3

    The Soul is the Doer of Karma

    If the soul remains conscious of its true self, it acts in tune with its nature; if it does not remain conscious of its true self, it becomes the doer of karma. The body, or lifeless matter, has no capability to acquire karma. The soul is the acquirer of karmic bondage.

  • 4

    The Soul is the Bearer of Consequences

    Poison and nectar have no understanding to affect anyone, but one who consumes them gets affected; similarly, the soul bears the consequences of its meritorious or unmeritorious karma. God does not give the fruits of its actions.

  • 5

    The Soul can be Liberated

    There is freedom from the bondage of karma. With the ultimate dissociation of the soul from the connection with the body, it eternally stays in the liberated state and experiences its own infinite bliss.

  • 6

    There is a Path to the Soul’s Liberation

    The means through which one can realise the pure ever-lasting conscious soul, constitutes the path of liberation. Delusion prevailing from infinity is annihilated with the advent of enlightenment.

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Shri Atmasiddhishastra Rachnabhoomi

– The Site of Creation

Honouring the heritage of the epic composition, under the aegis of Pujya Gurudevshri, a beautiful memorial stands at the sanctified site of the creation of Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra in Nadiad, Gujarat.


  • The original structure, doors, and wall fittings of the site have been restored to stay true to the era and preserve the vibrations.
  • Recreating the scene of the creation, life-size statues of Shrimad Rajchandraji and Shri Ambalalbhai are placed in the same position while the interiors depict an evening ambience.
  • An array of panels with Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra exquisitely engraved in Shrimad Rajchandraji’s handwriting adds to the beauty.
  • An elegant octagonal Jalmandir adorns the site. In the centre of a serene lake, a majestic five-foot three-inch idol of Shrimad Rajchandraji is seated on a white lotus. A walking path has been designed in a way that one performs circumambulation around the idol.

Atmasiddhi Shastra Jnan Yajna

Get up close and personal with Atmasiddhiji through the Atmasiddhi Shastra Jnan Yajna by Pujya Gurudevshri, especially in English for beginners.

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