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Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital Participates in State Level Webinar Organised by UNICEF and IIPHG
Every year approximately 6 lakh newborns die in India in the first 28 days of life; most of whom do not survive even past their first week. This 28-day neonatal period is the most crucial time for a child’s survival. Furthermore, the first month of life is fundamental for their lifelong health and development, allowing them to grow into healthy adults who can contribute to their communities.

As neonatal care and early childhood development is central to Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital’s goals, a team of doctors presented a webinar on ‘Neonatal Integrated Development Care’, as part of the ‘Role of Midwives in Newborn Care’ joint seminar organised by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar (IIPHG). The webinar emphasised the importance of neuroprotective care and Early Intervention services to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and early life periods, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from 200 attendees all across Gujarat.

Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital’s comprehensive Neonatal Integrated Developmental Care has evolved into a Centre of Excellence for its rural healthcare services. The neuroprotective measures taken by doctors of Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital go beyond just a child’s survival and work toward an ‘intact survival’, where children don’t experience ongoing indications with serious morbidity. The doctors at Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital work diligently to detect and treat any defects found as early as possible to prevent future disabilities. The team also enforces minimal separation between mother and child, wherever possible. Mothers are encouraged to touch, breast-feed and nurture their child to ensure a sense of security, well-being and early recovery.

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