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Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch Spreads Christmas Cheer
What is Christmas truly all about? Planned by the Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch Alumni and attended by over 950 children and teenagers from across the globe, this series of sessions helped the young ones unravel the true spirit of Christmas!

‘Festive Fun’, for ages 4-8, took the little ones on an enchanting journey with Santa Claus, helping him face multiple challenges as he set out to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve. Enthusiastically singing and dancing in order to complete different tasks, children effortlessly imbibed the values of kindness and helping others with a smile. Through other innovative ways, including solving riddles, the children further experienced the joy of loving and sharing. The workshop also inspired the young ones to become mini-Santas this festive season, by sharing their belongings with someone in need.

Designed for ages 9-12, ‘A December to Remember’ saw the children help a young girl, Emma, solve a series of tasks in order to receive her Christmas gift. By cracking the different riddles and exciting challenges for Emma, the attendees imbibed the values of selflessness, humility and gratitude, amongst others. Highlighting the importance of giving, rather than receiving, the final task encouraged children to spread smiles this season.

For young hearts aged 13-16, ‘Chris-mystery’ presented the opportunity to ‘save Christmas’ through a series of challenges weaved into intriguing Mystery Rooms. By assisting each other to crack the head-scratching clues, they learnt how teamwork makes the dream work. Applying the art of focusing through meditative visualisation, they also had a heart-to-heart with their future self. As memorabilia from the workshop, the Christmas affirmations stirred their spirits as a reminder to focus on the good.

By the unbounded compassion of Param Krupalu Dev and infinite grace of Pujya Gurudevshri, hundreds of young souls continue to embark on their journey of inner awakening.

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