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Sevak Retreat 2023
Sevaks, old and young, conglomerated for a two-day spiritual and motivational fiesta in the presence of their beloved Master. The mornings were filled with refreshing workout sessions at the Amphitheatre in the form of Boxoga and Cardio exercises. The sevak retreat commenced with Pujya Gurudevshri’s captivating address. Explaining the main needs of a sevak as Punya (meritorious deeds), Pragna (wisdom), Prem (love) and Purusharth (efforts), Pujya Gurudevshri through the acronym THIS elaborated that a sevak’s aim should be to have ‘T’olerance power, ‘H’elping attitude, the desire to ‘I’mprove himself and a ‘S’miling disposition.

The sevaks participated in several sessions with the aim of increasing capabilities and efficiency, and for planning a collective leap in the domain of seva. These included a Fireside Chat with key sevaks, a session on Getting Future Ready, one on Personal Productivity in Seva and another on Selflessness in Seva. In the evening, the assembly congregated at the Amphitheatre for a devotion-filled night as singers Namita Choudhary and Avinash Gupta connected the audience to the Divine.

The finale session by Atmarpit Nemiji charged up the participants immensely. He shared that one must engage in seva with clarity, ability, stability, authority and audacity, and that seva should be done out of pure love for the benevolent Master and with an offering consciousness. The retreat witnessed the launch of SRMD Seva App – the official mobile application for offering and managing seva in the Mission.

The most memorable moments of the retreat were when Pujya Gurudevshri blessed over 650 sevaks to have lunch with Him on both the days and where He personally blessed each sevak with prasadi. The participants returned home enriched and with Pujya Gurudevshri’s words ‘Love without expectations, serve without expectations. So what if you can’t see God. Serve Him. He would want to see you.’ resonating within their hearts.

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