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Gurupurnima 2023: A Grand Celebration of Devotion
The magnificent occasion of Gurupurnima is a divine opportunity to experience and express profound devotion and gratitude for the pure existence of the beloved Sadguru. The word ‘Guru’ itself brings with it an overwhelming sense of a lifetime of well-being, peace and security. Gurupurnima is indeed an immensely significant festival for devotees, like no other.

To celebrate this festival with vibrant exuberance and devotion, Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, Dharampur organised a three-day grand celebration from Sat, 1 – Mon, 3 July, 2023. Thousands of devotees from across India and abroad reached the Ashram. A vast, modern and fully equipped pavilion was constructed and exquisitely adorned for the special occasion.

Amidst the serene morning, devotees immersed themselves in meditation, Ajnabhakti and group Chaityavandan. On Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and again on Sunday afternoon, Shri Vimalnath Jin Stuti, Shri Anantnath Jin Stuti and Shri Dharmnath Jin Stuti reverberated through the air and filled the audience with inspiration and determination as Pujya Gurudevshri expounded upon the graced everyone with three pravachans on the sacred text Swayambhustotra.

The first evening session of the retreat saw renowned vocalist Shri Aditya Gadhvi enthralling everyone with soul-stirring devotional renditions. In his thunderous voice, he sang various compositions of saints and poets from different regions, leaving everyone deeply satisfied.

New tools of connection, including a devotional album titled ‘Aho Gurudev’, a meditation track ‘Guru – The Epitome of Love’ and a collection of discourses titled ‘Importance of a Guru in Life’ were launched. Additionally, a card game for children by the name ‘Amazinga’ and ‘My Vision Book’ for newborns and toddlers were unveiled, along with a variety of new products from Raj Uphaar.

On the second night of Gurupurnima shibir, a unique presentation illuminated the hearts of the devotees. Aptly titled ‘Bhakton Ki Mehfil’ (A Gathering of Devotees), it was a devotional representation of the unbroken bond between the guru and disciple, an expression of profound connection between them across ages, an attempt to portray the universality of feelings of Guru-Shishya. The presentation was complemented by beautiful attires, perfect background and authentic dialogues. The characters of Jesus-Peter, Mahatma Buddha-Angulimal, Acharya Vruddhavadisuriji-Siddhasen Divakarji, Yukteswar Giri-Yoganandji, Guru Nanak-Bhai Lehna, Lord Mahavir-Sulsa shravika, Nizamuddin Auliya-Amir Khusrau, Param Krupalu Dev-Ambalalbhai and Adi Shankaracharya-Totakacharya presented a magnificent sequence of events in the lives of these guru and their disciples.

Each of the above noteworthy depictions were followed by similar reminiscences of various present day devotees of Pujya Gurudevshri, including Kumud Mehta, Raman Tikka, Mahesh Khokhani, Shekhar Shah, Kirit Daftari, Ragini Bakhda, Satish Sheth, Asmi Rupani and Amit Sheth. These experiences brought alive in the hearts and minds of the devotees, their own personal journey of transformation with Pujya Gurudevshri by their side.

On Monday, 3 Jul, the pious day of Gurupurnima, the divine and majestic presence of the Enlightened Master, turned the entire assembly hall into an awakened conscience. The celebration began with a Kathak dance presentation based on Guru Ashtakam ‘Tatah Kim’. Witnessing this masterpiece, mumukshus realised the undeniable necessity of the Sadguru’s supreme grace. This was followed by Pujya Gurudevshri’s pravachan on patrank 55 of the Vachanamrutji wherein devotees were blessed with the understanding of what true Guru and what true discipleship is. To have a living true Guru in life who loves and elevates seekers spiritually is to be the wealthiest, secure and the most fortunate person on this earth – this feeling reverberated and resonated throughout the day in every devotee. They felt immensely blessed to witness the smiling and blessing form of Param Krupalu Dev on the screen. Filled with joy from the wondrous blessings received, yet another gift from Pujya Gurudevshri, everyone participated in the Guru Puja with utmost devotion.

Gurupujan signifies the worship of divine qualities and wonders of the revered Guru who continuously showers all with love and makes selfless effort for their spiritual progress. With utmost devotion, Pujya Gurudevshri performed Ashtaprakari puja of Param Krupalu De along laabharthis.

Thereafter, each and every devotee present was blessed with the golden opportunity to perform charanpujan of Param Krupalu Dev and also to touch the Lotus Feet of the Sadguru. Pujya Gurudevshri surpassed all limits of compassion as He sat in a single posture for two hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon session. He blessed each devotee with His divine gaze, responding to each as they showed their love and reverence for the Master.

The touch of Sadguru, even for a moment, can create waves of elevated emotions soaring high in the skies, transforming the heart’s harp into a symphony of purity and joy, allowing each devotee to experience His presence in a direct, extremely direct and indirect way! Worshipping Him, seeing the glimmering joy on the faces of the devotees, it felt as if they had just touched moksha and come back.

After the Gurupujan, as an apt closure to the memorable Gurupurnima Shibir, Atmarpit Rajuji took a session on ‘Guru Mahima’.

Gratitude itself is incapable of completely repaying the debt of this unconditional love and hence, bowing down at his Lotus Feet, one completely dedicates themselves to the pursuit of offering their sincere devotion.

Oh Compassionate Sadguru! Your compassion knows no bounds! Your divine association continues to bring welfare to the entire world. One’s utmost devotion offered at Your sacred Lotus Feet will surely grant them their ultimate well-being.

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