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Celebrating 125 years of Apurva Avsar
Param Krupalu Dev created timeless spiritual compositions from His profound experience of the Self. This year marks 125 years of ‘Apurva Avsar.’

Composed in Vavania, in V.S. 1953, ‘Apurva Avsar Evo Kyare Avshe?’ is one of His most distinctive creations; gaining national popularity due to its inclusion in the collection of devotional songs sung daily by Mahatma Gandhi.

To commemorate 125 years of this inspiring work, an 11-day-swadhyay series was undertaken in the gracious presence of Pujya Gurudevshri by Atmarpit Maulikji. The sessions were well received by international audiences who viewed them online via the Mission’s YouTube channel.

Through the stimulating sessions, Atmarpit Maulikji emphasised the essence of the composition – the need to overcome attachment for the body, and to slip into soul-centred meditation.

He also explained it honours the code of conduct followed by ascetics, who focus on external and internal detachment from materialistic desires.

The spiritual series served as a beneficial medium in deepening the impact and relevance of the composition in present times.

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