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A Symposium on Perinatal Care

Perinatal care relates to the health of women and babies before, during and after birth. Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital and Research Centre hosted a symposium titled, ‘Exploring the Latest Advances in Perinatal Medicine – Frontiers of Maternal, Foetal and Neonatal Care’. With a participation of over 150 delegates, including doctors and nurses from obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics from across Gujarat, the symposium was a collaborative effort between the Department of Public Health and Family Welfare, Government of Gujarat and renowned faculties from Stanford University School of Medicine (Stanford University) and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

The event featured leading experts in the field, including Dr Nilima Ragavan – Clinical Professor of Paediatrics, Stanford University; Dr Richard Shaw – Professor of Psychiatry and Paediatrics, Stanford University; Dr Arun Singh, MD (Paediatrics) – Professor and Head, Department of Neonatology, AIIMS Jodhpur; Atmarpit Dr Mansiji, MD, FAAP – Head, Department of Paediatrics, Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital and Research Centre. These distinguished medical professionals shared groundbreaking developments and research findings aimed at enhancing maternal and neonatal health. Discussions delved into integrating cutting-edge technologies in perinatal care, addressing subjects like perinatal mental health disorders and neonatal nephrological issues. Hands-on skill workshops and simulation sessions, along with research advancements related to neonatology sepsis, further enriched the symposium. The event concluded with a shared commitment to advancing perinatal care through ongoing research collaboration and the implementation of evidence-based practices.

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