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Global Coronavirus Relief Initiatives
Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care, under Pujya Gurudevshri’s compassionate guidance, responded to the Coronavirus pandemic by launching coordinated initiatives across India and the world. A multi-pronged response was formulated, with centres across the world joining in the global effort, extending local need-based support to communities in more than 50 cities.

Let us have a look at some of the international initiatives:


  • The S.A.F.E. (Supply Assist Feed Everyone) initiative in UK aimed at providing food and basic necessities to the elderly, refugees and homeless. Food and basic essentials were distributed to various food-banks and local organisations including the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity, Oasis Centre, Action Homeless etc. This campaign provided supplies across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester and Sheffield, touching over 47,000 lives. Volunteers also collaborated with the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin to provide food to migrant Indian doctors stranded in Manchester.
  • The S.A.V.E. (Supply Appropriate Ventilation/PPE Equipment) initiative delivered personal protective equipment to care homes and hospices around the country. Over 30,000 items of medical supplies such as masks, gloves, gowns, and visors were distributed to workers from organisations such as Action Together Manchester, St Ann’s Hospice, Community Integrated Care Homes etc.
  • Through the ‘Support our Superheroes’ campaign, frontliners like doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, public sector staff, police, fire service, transport services and super-market staff were delivered ‘Gratitude Packs’ and ‘Gratitude Cards’. Gratitude Packs contained chocolates, sweets, cereal bars, snacks etc for the Superheroes. The campaign delivered 1,100 Gratitude Packs and more than 3,300 handwritten Gratitude Cards to over 800 service providers. Volunteers also launched UK’s first virtual ‘Great Wall of Gratitude’ to appreciate all such Superheroes. This social media initiative gave the entire UK population an avenue to creatively acknowledge the brave Superheroes.
  • Pray 20:20:20 was an initiative to bring together various faith groups and local communities and use the power of collective prayer to send love and healing vibrations to all those impacted by the pandemic. Individuals from the Jain, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Jewish and Baha’i faiths would collectively pray at the same time in their own traditions and languages at 20:20 (8:20pm) for 20 minutes every Friday, creating a tidal wave of love around the world.


  • Volunteers from over 20 centres across USA were quick to respond to local needs in collaboration with local organisations and hospitals. Volunteers sourced and supplied nearly 20 lakh masks for frontliners across the USA.
  • Centres across USA donated food items like rice, beans, flour, pasta, juice and baby food to local humanitarian and social service organisations.
  • Volunteers from Long Island and Parsippany centres organised motorcades at Huntington Hospital and Morristown Medical Centre respectively, to thank medical personnel for their life-saving work.
  • A Musical Charity telecast ‘We Love We Care’ was organised in collaboration with TV Asia to raise awareness of the relief initiatives. The event saw leading singers like Kailash Kher, Sachin Sanghvi and the Kabir Café band perform for this noble cause.
  • Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care’s relief initiatives were beamed on one of the biggest and technically advanced screens at the world-famous Times Square, New York with a tag line, ‘Become Part of the Solution’.


  • Volunteers in Canada donated masks and gloves to two long term care centres, The Village of Erin Meadows and Chartwell Gibson Long Term Care Residence.
  • Centres across Canada donated non-perishable food items like rice, beans, flour, cereals, cooking oil, salt and sugar to local humanitarian organisations.


  • Volunteers in Singapore launched the ‘Kindness Unmasked’ campaign to support the most vulnerable communities. They undertook 10 projects within 60 days, serving around 25,000 people including senior citizens, migrant workers, low-income families and frontliners. They collaborated with various local organisations to deliver fruits, snacks, and essentials like rice, cooking oil, spices, and toiletries for families of daily wagers.
  • Over 1,300 migrant workers were provided with masks, sanitizers and basic essentials. Volunteers also donated over 3,000 clothing items to migrant workers in isolation areas.
  • 200 individual care packages, containing essentials and items to enhance their well-being in these challenging times, were prepared for frontliners at Raffles Hospital and SATA CommHealth.
  • To facilitate home-based learning among low-income groups during the lockdown, volunteers collaborated with a local NGO ‘Engineering Good’ and collected 50 second-hand laptops for distribution to less-privileged children.
  • Over 1,150 goodie bags of home-made snacks were distributed to Muslim migrant workers in celebration of Eid.
  • Through the initiative ‘Koffee with SRLC’, volunteers distributed 25,000 coffee sachets and 500 mugs amongst the migrant workers as a symbol of emotional support.


  • Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care Australia collaborated with the Indian Consulate in Sydney for the ‘Vande Bharat Mission’, a Government of India operation to bring back stranded Indian nationals. Volunteers conducted COVID-19 symptoms screening, temperature checks and administered first-aid for over 2,400 passengers flying from Sydney to various locations in India. Their efforts were critical in ensuring success of the mission and Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care Australia was invited to conduct similar medical screenings for upcoming flights.
  • With closure of international borders, stranded Indians started running out of medications and were not eligible for government Medicare assistance. Volunteers provided free medical consultation, counselling and medicines to such stranded families.
  • Volunteers provided temporary, short-term accommodation to students and families who had lost jobs.


  • Volunteers in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi started a helpline to address dietary needs of different cultures and age groups, delivering food packets accordingly. Food items and essentials were supplied to daily wagers, at labour camps and to low-income individuals and their families.
  • A ‘Charity Fridge’ was set up, along with a UAE food bank and with support from the local authorities. The fridge is open to all and anyone passing by can take any item they need, for free. Volunteers keep the fridge stocked with cold water, juices, and healthy food items for low income individuals and the homeless in these times of crisis.
  • Passport, medical and repatriation assistance was provided to stranded visitors and labourers so that they could return home.


  • Volunteers in Nairobi supported local NGOs by raising and donating funds for food distribution amongst poor families.

The Coronavirus Relief initiatives in India continue to provide relief and safety to individuals and communities. From distribution of food to the less privileged, to providing masks and PPE kits to the healthcare professionals, volunteers are spreading hope in the lives of those still grappling with the pandemic.

Shri Piyush Goyal – Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry, Government of India, issued a message appreciating the various social initiatives being undertaken by Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

An Impact Summary of Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care’s Coronavirus Relief Initiatives:

Supporting the less-privileged:

  • 22,83,000 meals served
  • 9,44,000 lives benefited by distribution of ration, daily essentials

Supporting Frontliners:

  • 21,30,000 masks distributed
  • 10,000 PPE kits distributed
  • 5,30,000 health drinks served
  • 3,800 litres of sanitizer distributed
  • 34,300 medical frontliners aided with various medical supplies
  • 1,000 safety kits provided to Government staff on the frontlines
  • 300 beds provided for Government quarantine facility
  • 150 medical staff trained for ventilator use

Supporting Animals:

  • 48,500 kgs of fodder and grains fed to animals and birds
  • 29,700 stray animals fed

Circle of Love and Care

  • 26,85,000 theplas distributed
  • 3,18,000 packs of biscuits and snacks distributed
  • 1,50,000 beverages served
  • 11,40,000 migrants and daily wagers benefited

2,500 volunteers across the globe offered 6,20,000 hours of service

Across the world, Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care is continuously striving to provide hope, security and sustenance in times of despair, fear and economic crisis.

If you too wish to be a part of this global movement by offering your time, monetary contributions or contacts please visit www.srloveandcare.org/coronavirus-relief

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