Quotes on Guru


Guru comes in life as spring.The disciple through his connection with Guru-ajna makes this spring lifelong.

Geographical distances do not matter if you have a strong inner connection with the Guru.

A mind tied with the thread of Guru-ajna cannot stray away very far.

Houses, these days, are water, fire and even virus-proof. Living the teachings of the Guru will make it clash-free.

Know by the Guru's words, that true happiness, peace & security that you seek in the world, lies in realising the Self.

Create a personal bond of admiration with your Guru.

Meditation is the response to the Guru's call of 'Come within'.

Guru is such a friend who will not support your ego, worldly desires or wrongdoings, yet you can't stop loving & revering Him.

Guru's teachings are like medicine. How can you rid yourself of the disease of delusion without consuming it?

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