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When you honour the opportunities of Satsang and Seva, you get them again and again. So value them dearly.

Re-engineer your emotions to change them into a positive attitude.

Be skillful. To withdraw from the wrong, associate it with pain. To embrace the right, associate it with pleasure.

The mark of a seeker is to bounce back after a failure and not give up.

So what if others don't understand you? Choose to understand them.

To glide into meditation, increase your soul awareness in every action.

Glorify the Omniscient Lord. He reminds us of our spiritual centre within.

Utilize your intellectual ability to take decisions in the favour of your spiritual blossoming.

An event is an event. Whether it feels pleasurable or not is your projection and not a fact.

#SadguruWhispers Listening patiently and generously is a way to have a good family bond.