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Hold this conviction that the supreme peaceful blissful religion expounded by the Dispassionate One is the absolute truth. Due to one’s ineligibility, and without the association with an Enlightened One, this cannot be understood; nevertheless, there isn’t another remedy, as completely beneficial as that to cure the disease of transmigration for the Soul; reflect upon this again and again.

This is the supreme essence, may this conviction be with me, forever. May its true nature illumine my heart, and from the bondage of birth, death, etc. may I completely become free! May I become free!!

O Soul! Bring an end, bring an end to this pain-ridden transmigration; just think a little, giving up idleness, awaken! Awaken!! Else this wish fulfilling jewel-like human birth will go waste.

O Soul! Now you must certainly follow the command of the Enlightened One. Om Peace Peace Peace

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