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Geographical distances do not matter if you have a strong inner connection with the Guru.

If you have to socialise, be in the company of those who spiritually elevate and empower you.

Awareness is acceptance of what is. It is neither focusing nor labelling anything as good or bad.

Adjustments and compromises make one lovable. Being good is more important than being right.

A seeker first chooses his mindset of being pure, peaceful and happy; then he perceives the world.

You may start meditation as a 'doing', but it should evolve into 'being'.Meditation is not a task, it is pleasantly being without any masks.

Always remember - finally, your goal is spiritual blossoming, not just finishing projects.

Step back and observe the birth, life and death of your every feeling of anger, lust etc.

The world is just a play of illusion. Get up and work towards your awakening.

#SadguruWhispers Association, devotion & service of the Enlightened Master is the remedy to cure the disease of transmigration.