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The Guru wakes us, makes us, and takes us to the ultimate spiritual destination.

The dark night of ignorance gets illumined when you keep the flame of Guru-ajna burning in your lamp of Guru-bhakti.

Love does not complain, for it has no demands.

Saints are love incarnate. They love the whole world as their own.

If you miss out on love, you will miss out on God. Love everyone, at all times.

Appreciating others makes people around you feel loved.

The Guru has mastered the art of withdrawal through the art of extending His love.

You may have achieved name and fame in the world, but have you achieved the love of your family?

You are hurt not because others have less love for you; but you have high expectations.

#SadguruWhispers Here is the season to work for your spiritual welfare. Do not be laid-back about it.