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Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra

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In 2011, under the guidance and inspiration of Pujya Gurudevshri, the Swadhyaykars conducted shibirs based on the timeless masterpiece, Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra written by Shrimad Rajchandraji. The poetic composition comprising of 142 spiritually enriching verses and based on the Six Fundamental Truths touched the hearts and souls of aspirants worldwide who listened to the elucidation of the great text.


Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra contains the entire path to liberation and is laid out through a practical and interesting dialogue between the Guru and His disciple explaining the six fundamental truths:

  • The soul exists
  • The soul is eternal
  • The soul is the doer
  • The soul is the enjoyer
  • Liberation exists
  • The path to liberation exists


Apart from displaying extraordinary poetic brilliance, Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra holds a sacred scriptural status and can lead one to self-realisation.


Unfold the knowledge contained within each word of this holy text through Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra MP3.

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