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Guru - The Epitome of Love

Media Type Digital Download
Language Available in English/ Hindi/ Gujarati
Guru is the epitome of love in the life of a devotee.

Immerse in the profound experience of the Enlightened Master through this series of guided meditations.

Featuring 15, 30 and 45 minute tracks, this meditation album merges one closer to the unending stream of love emanating from the Guru.

These meditations, available in Gujarati, Hindi and English are crafted to unfold your pure, serene and blissful existence.

Experience the joy of connecting with your innermost self and embracing the love that flows from the Guru's divine presence.
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Epitome of Love
₹ 150.00
ગુરુ - મૂર્તિમંત પ્રેમ
₹ 150.00
गुरु - प्रेम का प्रतीक
₹ 150.00