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Aho Gurudev

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The disciple suffers in the darkness of ignorance. It is the Guru who illuminates the lamp of spirituality in his life. The Guru lovingly transforms him and brings a paradigm shift in his perception.

It is only natural then for the disciple to be in awe of His greatness and say, “Aho Gurudev”.

This soul-stirring musical album captures the essence of awe and gratitude towards our revered Guru.

Composed with the Guru’s divine grace and the devotees’ heartfelt gratitude, 'Aho Gurudev!' features the melodious voices of various devotee-singers from the Mission and emotionally evoking music by Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah.

Immerse yourself in the heartfelt bhajans and experience the countless blessings bestowed upon us.



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