Quotes on Satsang


Measure your spiritual growth not by the years of Satsang but by its application and experience.

Ready-made answers do not help you grow. Based on Satsang, cultivate your own discretion.

Do not make Satsang a casual event. Plan that day - your rest, food, meetings & inner state for the Satsang to be effective

Being in Satsang should make you event-proof. No event of joy or sorrow can touch you. Be aware that you don't become Satsang-proof.

Satsangs inspire you to become enthusiastic to focus on the unchanging within.

Enlightened Masters ask - 'When are you coming within? All you need is a firm resolve, that you can form in Satsang.'

Balance your role & soul. Role by being responsible for your health, wealth & relations and soul by satsang, sadhana & seva.

Do you only store Satsangs in the savings account of your memory bank? Allow it to flow in your day-to-day life.

When the mind tricks you & treats you with sinful thoughts, learn to trick it by treating it with Satsangs.

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