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Meditation is not an outer activity. It is a natural state of being.

Seeing the Enlightened Master feels like all the purity of the three worlds has descended in Him.

To taste the bliss of the Self, immerse in devotion of the One absorbed in the Self.

In the state of devotion, your questions get dissolved, not solved.

Adjust, accept, and appreciate to build a healthy bond in a relationship.

Association of a living Enlightened Master is very rare & precious. It cannot be acquired even at the cost of all the wealth in the world.

As life unfolds, you realise many things are not in your control. But you can always choose your response towards them.

Hold on to the disciplines given by the Guru. It will stop you from falling on the spiritual path.

A sincere seeker yearns for worthiness alone.

#SadguruWhispers To a devotee, his Guru is more wonderful than all the wonders of the world.