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A sincere seeker yearns for worthiness alone.

Irrespective of the outer play of karma, the inner state of the Enlightened Master remains the 'same' - untouched and frozen.

Just as sitting for long hours compels you to free your legs. Likewise, the pain of transmigration should impel you to liberate yourself from it.

The strength of an ashram lies in the strong foundation of devotion, faith & surrendership in the heart of every devotee.

Every moment is like a wish-fulfilling gem. Do not waste it to wade off crow-like egoic demands. Utilise them to unfold your divine Self.

A simple philosophy to break away from worldly attraction is to increase the prominence of the Enlightened One.

Self-realisation is like cool showers of peace, lightening of Self-awareness, fountain of bliss & freedom from scorching delusion.

Anything in extreme is fatal for spiritual blossoming.

If needed, take a step back to give yourself time to reflect and recharge.

#SadguruWhispers To taste the bliss of the Self, immerse in devotion of the One absorbed in the Self.