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New Animal Ambulances in Dharampur and Mumbai

Shrimad Rajchandra Mobile Veterinary Service provides quality medical care to animals in rural areas of South Gujarat by travelling to remote villages and providing them with treatment. The facilities include vaccination, deworming, nutritional supplements, hormone therapy and minor surgeries.

Taking a step further, this initiative has been expanded by introducing an additional ambulance for the Dharampur area. This initiative will enhance veterinary care for animals in the region and facilitate medical outreach programmes as well. This additional ambulance was donated by the Leela Vimal Shasun Charitable Trust, Chennai.

Shrimad Rajchandra Animal Helpline also launched an additional ambulance in Mumbai, through the charitable gesture of Leela Vimal Shasun Charitable Trust, Chennai and Elite Industries, Mumbai. This ambulance will be instrumental in saving the lives of hundreds of sick and injured stray animals and birds in Mumbai.

The ambulances will play a pivotal role in ensuring quality, timely and free medical care for animals and birds at Dharampur and Mumbai.

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