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Tabhi Ishwar Prasanna Honge

Media Type Sadguru Enlightens App and Digital Download (Video)
Language Hindi, Gujarati

Our constant quest revolves around the pursuit of personal happiness. But amidst this ceaseless chase, have we ever paused to ponder how we can truly bring joy to the heart of our Beloved Divine?

‘Toh J Ishwar Prasanna Thashe!’ comprises of four enlightening discourses where Pujya Gurudevshri inspires seekers to nurture ecstatic enthusiasm and unwavering passion towards higher aspirations, guiding them to overcome indolence. Through these teachings, the Master unveils the art of embracing choicelessness and accepting life's offerings joyously, ensuring a continuous state of happiness regardless of circumstances. Through these insights, Pujya Gurudevshri reveals the art of surrendering to the Divine.

Available in Gujarati and Hindi with English subtitles, the series is enriched with profound insights for a spiritual awakening; uniquely unveiled by an Enlightened Master. It also gracefully guides us towards a deeper connection with our true selves.


  • Toh J Ishwar Prasanna Thashe!
  • Shri Guru Vade Atmapraptinu Rahasya
  • Ullasit Viryathi Pramadtyag
  • Swama Vas Parthi Khas Atlu Bas
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1. तभी ईश्वर प्रसन्न होंगे
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2. તો જ ઈશ્વર પ્રસન્ન થશે!
Gujarati with English Subtitles
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