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Swami Shri Samantbhadracharya Virachit Swayambhustotra - Complete Series

In the year 2023, Pujya Gurudevshri expounds upon the pious text Swayambhustotra.

This series gives you access to all shibirs. Please note, digital downloads will be available shortly after every satsang shibir.


Composed by one of the foremost Acharyas from the Jain legacy, Swami Shri Samantbhadracharya, Swayambhustotra is a collection of 24 cherished compositions, one dedicated to each of the 24 Tirthankar Bhagwans. It is a perfect amalgam of devotional dedications that will purify the heart coupled with fundamental principles of Jain philosophy that will bring clarity to the mind.  

Self Study Kit

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