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Shant Sudharas (Pravachans Dubbed in Hindi)

Media Type Sadguru Enlightens App and Digital Download (Video)
Language Hindi

In 2012, Pujya Gurudevshri expounded on the wisdom of Shant Sudharas, a religious text authored by Upadhyay Shri Vinayvijayji Maharaj. In His elevating discourses, now dubbed in Hindi, He eloquently elucidates varied aspects of each of the 12 bhavnas like Anitya, Asharan, Ekatva, etc. for cultivating dispassion, and the four bhavnas of Maitri, Pramod, Karuna and Madhyasthata for cultivating love.




  • Upodghat
  • Anitya bhavna
  • Asharan bhavna
  • Sansar bhavna
  • Ekatva bhavna
  • Anyatva bhavna
  • Ashuchu bhavna
  • Aasrav bhavna
  • Samvar bhavna
  • Nirjara bhavna
  • Dharma bhavna
  • Lokswaroop bhavna
  • Bodhidurlabh bhavna
  • Maitri bhavna
  • Pramod bhavna
  • Karunya bhavna
  • Madhyasthya bhavna
  • Upsamhar


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