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Sadguru Awakens

Media Type Digital Download
Language Gujarati / English
No. of Pravachans 8 (1 Hr 35 mins)

In today’s fast paced world, quick access to answers has become a need of the hour. Sincere spiritual seekers also often, want short and quick lessons that they can immediately experiment and bring about a positive pivot in their life.


The essence of a Sadguru is that even in a single word, He delivers the depth and wisdom of all scriptures.


Sadguru Awakens consists of concise solutions to a range of spiritual questions that will surely benefit all seekers. Though short in length, they are powerful, transformative messages designed to guide seekers to an awakened and blissful existence.


This Product contains short excerpts of Pujya Gurudevshri’s enlivening sermons on topics mentioned below. 

1. Change Yourself
2. Science of Prayer
3. Art of Managing Desires
4. In Anger Lies Danger
5. The Joy of Giving
6. 5 Tips for Success
7. Experience it Yourself
8. Map of the path to liberation

They are all subtitled in English, making them very useful to one and all, thus proving to be an ideal gift for family, friends and colleagues.


Awaken and experience true happiness, by imbibing these small powerful doses of spirituality in your life today.

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