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A Life Worth Living - Braille

Size 11.25" X 2.25" X 12" (Soft Bound)
No. of Pages 165(English) / 202(Hindi)
Language English / Hindi
A Life Worth Living comprises of four enlivening discourses by Pujya Gurudevshri, which serves as an inspiration to march ahead on the path to liberation.
Each of the stimulating discourses leads one towards self-realisation. Human Birth - An Invaluable Opportunity brings to light the immense potential which can be realised as a human being. Satsang - A Way of Life provides means for aligning our daily actions with our spiritual beliefs. Yearning for the Divine helps the seeker understand and let go of his passions with the tool of relentless devotion. Taking a leap in the inner journey, The Essence of the Scriptures allows the seeker to further himself in the direction of attaining the bliss of the Self – the aim of all scriptures.
The insight from A Life Worth Living is like a lighthouse for all seekers of truth. Amidst dark waters, it promises to show the way forward. It causes the reader’s mind to pause, examine, determine and transform – opening the doors to peace, joy and truth.

The Braille edition of this book is a result of Pujya Gurudevshri’s infinite compassion to motivate the visually impaired towards a spiritual vision, higher purpose, a shift of perspective and joyous existence.
Eliminating the boundaries of language and senses, this Braille edition is a spiritual wake up call to those seeking a key transformation in their life.​
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