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Canada – USA Dharmayatra 2023
Pujya Gurudevshri’s mesmerising presence, across places in Canada and the United States, left a deep impact on devotees, aiding an inner metamorphosis.

Tranquil Moments in Toronto
July 20-26

Toronto experienced torrents of relentless benevolence as Pujya Gurudevshri arrived here to transform the life of numerous devotees. Mukesh-Harsha Shanghavi were the jubilant hosts.

Pujya Gurudevshri delivered two illuminating discourses at the Jain Society of Toronto inspiring aspirants to understand the pivotal role satsang plays in the spiritual welfare of a seeker. The Master’s sacred presence through padhramanis engulfed devotees in piousness. In a memorable pratishtha Jugal-Shreya Adva, Hitesh-Ami Shah and Punit-Sejal Shanghavi welcomed the Divine in their homes and hearts. Canada devotees rejoiced as they were blessed to participate in the pious Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra Pujan in the august presence of Pujya Gurudevshri.

The Master’s visit to Toronto witnessed a historical event – the glorious pratishtha of Param Krupalu Dev at the Jain Society of Toronto. The devout event commenced with a grand shobhayatra which culminated into the sacred consecration of idols of Bhagwan Mahavir and Param Krupalu Dev by Pujya Gurudevshri. The Master unveiled writings of Param Krupalu Dev, a pictorial display on His exemplary life and also inaugurated an Upashray. On this occasion the tapascharya parna of Canada devotee Rajeshwari Shanghavi, who had observed a 45-day fast, took place from the holy hands of Pujya Gurudevshri.

Cultural dedications performed with joy and enthusiasm marked the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Canada Group. A captivating skit showcasing the spiritual journey of the Canada Raj Parivar moved the audience. Through lively performances, the group expressed their throbbing love towards Pujya Gurudevshri. It was a moment of honour when on behalf of Brampton City Council, Mayor Patrick Brown offered the Master a declaration proclaiming 9th November as Shrimad Rajchandra Day.

Pujya Gurudevshri accompanied the Canada Youth Group and Study Group for a charming three-day retreat titled, ‘Que Sera Sera in Love’ to Quebec and Montreal. The Master energised them with an inspiring Udghosh, leaving them with hearts full of gratitude. The joyous spirit of the group was evident during a scenic cruise, where dance and song dedications added to their delightful experience. The gathering practised yoga under the open skies with Pujya Gurudevshri.

Bountiful Blessings in Boston
July 27-28

Popularly known as one of the country’s most forward-thinking and barrier-breaking destinations, the vivacious city of Boston welcomed Pujya Gurudevshri; Vikram-Sheilaja Mittal being His euphoric hosts.

The Master delivered a profound discourse at the Jain Centre of Greater Boston, leaving a lasting effect on the attendees. Pujya Gurudevshri’s memorable padhramanis filled several seekers with abundant affection, including Haresh Tamboli, Board of Advisors – Secretary at Jain Centre of Greater Boston. Hearts brimmed with love as Vikram-Sheilaja Mittal and Kunjal Botadra-Brijal Kamani invited the Lord at their abodes through pratishthas.

Members of the Boston Raj Parivar were blessed to spend informal moments with the Master over a boat ride. As they sailed, the serene waters mirrored the happiness and tranquillity that the devotees experienced in the aura of the beloved Master.

Awakening of Devotion in Atlanta
July 29-31

To lead seekers to their inner capital, a reservoir of eternal joy, Pujya Gurudevshri arrived in Atlanta, the largest city and capital of the state of Georgia. Dhanraj-Kalpana Sipani were the elated hosts.

Pujya Gurudevshri’s two pravachans at the Jain Centre of Greater Atlanta offered wisdom and inspiration, urging devotees to gallop on the spiritual path and make the most of this priceless human birth. The Master venerated the Omniscient Lord at the Jinmandir.

Pujya Gurudevshri’s padhramanis brought unfathomable delight to many including Padma Bhushan award recipient Jagdish-Madhu Sheth. Hemal-Hemali Shah, Niramal-Dhwani Thakkar, Siddharth-Nirali Shah, Bhavin-Ruchi Shah and Viral-Dolly Vaidya experienced torrents of incessant love during blissful pratishthas.

Reverberating Adoration in Raleigh
August 3-4

Pujya Gurudevshri bestowed His blessings upon Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina, during His inaugural visit to the town. His gracious hosts were Umesh-Harsha Shah.

In His pravachan at the Hindu Society of North Carolina, Pujya Gurudevshri imparted cascades of spiritual insights upon seekers, guiding them to break free from bondage and to strive for liberation. Among the esteemed guests were Anand Shah and Danis Lalan, President and Secretary respectively of the Jain Study Centre of North Carolina and Manoj Pandya, President of the Hindu Society of North Carolina.

Through padhramanis Pujya Gurudevshri’s radiant grace extended to aspirants, including the President of the Jain Study Centre of North Carolina, Anand-Sweta Shah. In a moving pratishtha ceremony, Sanjay-Margi Shah, Umesh-Harsha Shah and Ameet-Alisha Shah experienced Divine love touching and transforming their lives forever.

Overflow of Love in Orlando
August 5-7

The vibrant city of Orlando welcomed the monarch of spirituality Pujya Gurudevshri, where Viral-Sheetal Doshi served as His gracious hosts.

The Master’s two reflective pravachans at the Jain Society of Central Florida inspired a determination to overcome complacency and actively stride on the path of liberation. Among the attendees were Rajendrabhai Vora, Founder and President of Jain Social Group, Beverly Hills and International Vice President of Jain Social Group International Federation who presented Pujya Gurudevshri with a ‘Certificate of Recognition by Richard Bloom from the 50th Assembly District of the State of California’ and a ‘Certificate of Recognition by Sharon Quirk Silva from the 65th Assembly District of the State of California.’

Emanating an aura of bliss, Pujya Gurudevshri showered blessings upon eager aspirants through padhramanis. Viral-Sheetal Doshi, Bhupendra Deliwala, Vasant-Saroj Gandhi, Hiren-Raksha Jain and Brijesh Amin-Hima Jain welcomed the Divine into their lives through a pulsating pratishtha.

Venerating Divinity in Virginia
Aug 8-9

To nurture spirituality in hearts of devotees, Pujya Gurudevshri arrived in Virginia. Mehul-Natasha Shah and Sumeet-Anu Bhargava had the supreme fortune of hosting the Master.

Seekers found inner solace in an enlightening discourse by Pujya Gurudevshri. Dignitaries present included Mariah Mercer, Deputy to the Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom, Deputy Director of the Office of International Religious Freedom and Jigar Raval, First Secretary, Community Affairs –Indian Embassy, Washington DC.

Several dwellings were sanctified with the Master’s padhramanis while Hemin-Dipali Shah, Mehul-Natasha Shah, Vivek-Bella Desai, Dinesh-Usha Shah, Varun Bhagat-Siddhi Daftary, Hasmukh-Bharti Mithani, Sudhir-Dharin Khona, Shawn Adams-Sonal Goda, Pratik-Nirali Parikh and Falguni Shah embraced the Lord’s advent in their hearts through pratishthas.

During a heart-touching Bhakti in Pujya Gurudevshri’s peaceful presence, Atmarpits expressed their gratitude by recounting stories of the Master’s compassion along their spiritual journeys. Dr Mansi Shah and Saloni Bhargava – the Atmarpits to-be – expressed their joy through a dance dedication.

Lasting Memories in Long Island
Aug 10-11

Pujya Gurudevshri travelled to Long Island, the largest island in mainland United States, where Mitesh-Sonal Lakhani were His excited hosts. Over a fascinating evening, the Master blessed devotees with a rejuvenating Udghosh. Stringing youngsters together with the thread of spirituality Pujya Gurudevshri blessed the formation of the Long Island Youth group and Study group. The Master extended blessings in the form of padhramanis to the abodes of several aspirants.

Pujya Gurudevshri’s visit to Canada and USA left a lasting impression, fostering unity and igniting positive community energy among the seekers. Soon after, devotees from across the world gathered at Parsippany, New Jersey for the eight most memorable days of their life to celebrate the monarch of Jain Festivals – the Paryushan Mahaparva with their beloved Master.

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