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Namo Jinanam - Vandiye Tirth Dharampur

Media 7 Audio Tracks

Tirthankars are the supreme Omniscient Ones, detached from the body and the world.

The infinitely compassionate Lords lovingly and definitively guide millions of others to reach the same exalted state as themselves.

These classic stavans written for the Jinas are an instant means of connection with the divine and eternal virtues of the soul.

Experience a deeper love towards the virtues of Those who have vanquished their inner demons with grace and have helped others follow with great ease.

Begin your inner journey, discover the subtle meanings, merge with the divinity pressed into each track.



  • Girua Re Gun Tum Tana (Shri Mahavir Stavan)
  • Rushabh Jineshwar Pritam Mahro (Shri Rushabhdev Stavan)
  • Suno Shanti Jinand Saubhagi (Shri Shantinath Stavan)
  • Nemi Jinesar Nij Karaj Karyu (Shri Neminath Stavan)
  • Tu Prabhu Maro Hu Prabhu Taro (Shri Parshwanath Stavan)
  • Suno Chandaji (Shri Simandhar Stavan)
  • Vaatdi Viloku Re (Shri Padmanabh Stavan)



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