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Make your Guru a reason for your inwardness.

Stop the noise of complaining and play the melody of glad acceptance.

Learn inner engineering from the Guru and redesign your life for spiritual beauty.

After every event, let there be no remainder or reminder left in your mind.

Check your desires, passions and dreams to review your belief of joy and sorrow.

There is nothing like disturbance in the world. Disturbance is your non-acceptance of what is.

Who decides your moods - you or others? Are you like a fan, where others can switch you on or off?

Guru, like an earthquake, brings a revolution in your thinking and breaks delusion.

Contribute to the world's peace by staying unaffected and gladly accepting changes.

#SadguruWhispers Glory to the Sadguru, whose external life is managed by karma, whilst He revels in the bliss of the Self.