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Your mother gives you eyes to see the world. The Guru, the divine mother, gives you vision to see beyond.

Spiritual growth is not just outer horizontal growth but inner vertical growth - a paradigm shift in your beliefs and responses.

Festivals are like wake up calls to work for your spiritual welfare, not just moments to rejoice & go back to sleep.

Body is your temporary address. Remember to work from the permanent home, the Self.

Legends are not born legendary. Their commitment to a strong purpose in life transforms their beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Inner poverty, insecurity & suffering can be removed, not by wealth but by virtues.

Cultivate the attitude of cooperation; avoid the 'crab attitude' of pulling people down to look tall.

Laugh at every challenge that life throws at you. For it all depends on how you explain them to yourself.

Life of a sewak is radiant and fragrant.

#SadguruWhispers An Enlightened Master is like a boat taking you from the bank of forms to the formless.