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Appreciating others makes people around you feel loved.

The Guru has mastered the art of withdrawal through the art of extending His love.

You may have achieved name and fame in the world, but have you achieved the love of your family?

You are hurt not because others have less love for you; but you have high expectations.

Travel light on the journey to liberation. Offload the false opinions & judgements that you have made for others.

Though negative emotions make you miserable, they can never enter your eternal nature. Always remember this.

Devotion brings spring into your inner world, along with the fragrance of virtues and freshness in your outlook.

True work begins when the Guru puts your ego and attachments to the test.

Introspection is like taking an X-ray of your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

#SadguruWhispers Do not neglect your health for wealth. What is the use of being the richest person in the graveyard?